Clear Furniture Corner Child Safety Bumpers

Clear Furniture Corner Child Safety Bumpers

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Item Description:



·    Material PVC



·    Size3*3cm



·    ColorClear



·    Item TypeFurniture Corner Protector



·    Quantity8pcs



·    Weight50g



·    BrandComzendle




·      100% NON-TOXIC and SAFE FOR YOUR BABY- Our corner guards are made of MEDICAL GRADE PVC, which is DOP/DEHP free and shows a little blue, ideal material for medical devices like drug delivery, surgical package/tool etc -100% non-toxic - Even if your child would bite the product, no risks of health.



·    NO PUNGENT odor of plastic, rubber and foam



·     It can fit best for our corner guards and cover 98% area of the inner wall and bring stronger sticking 



·     FLEXIBLE corner protector -Effectively absorb sudden bump and protect your baby from painful injuries of sharp furniture/ table corners




Package Included:



·    8* Furniture Corner Protector